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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Levi's Curve ID Jeans Launch

Prestige denim brands have come and gone, but what we women really want is great fit at a reasonable price tag.

The Ms. FABulous crew went to the launch of the Levi’s Curve ID launch Thursday.  Their new collection of jeans are about your customized shape, not size.   The staff at the Soho store was on hand to measure everyone to determine their Curve ID.

What does that mean?  Curve ID was based on three universal body types.  I, not being your perfect ‘fashionista’ body type, fell into the "Slight Curve" fit.  This is for women whose jeans tend to be too tight in the waist.  This fit defined the waist, slimmed my hips and avoided the dreaded squeezed 'muffin top' look.

For the gal whose waist fits but doesn't flatter in most jeans, try the Demi Curve fit.   For the woman whose jeans gap in the back at the waist, there is the "Bold Curve" fit.

Fit expert, Kris Tulin demonstrated the proper way to find your fit.  Instead of relying on the number on your label, you need to look at the relationship between your natural waist, high hip, low hip and overall shape.  This is where aesthetic design takes a backseat to the art of technical design.  

The Ms. FAB team were measured by the experts at Levis and given a choice of styles, then sent to the fitting room.  Bloggers and editors were treated to cupcakes, cocktails and their own pair of jeans as they tried to find a good match for their body (booty) size.

It fit! Wow. It took 5 minutes to try two recommended pairs and both were winners.

The prices for the jeans we tried were an accessible $59-$69. You leave feeling pretty damn euphoric that you can enjoy summer in the city rather than crying in the dressing room.

To fit YOUR booty, and snag a pair of free jeans yourself, come to Bryant Park in Midtown NYC on Friday, August 27th for their big party.  Janelle Monae will be performing and you can get rid of your old, ill-fitting jeans to Goodwill.  

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