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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

MIAMI SWIM WEEK: Beach Bunny and the Kardashians Spring 2011

The Kardashian sisters, in collaboration with Beach Bunny Swimwear’s Angela Chittenden, debuted their swimsuit collection - Kardashians for Beach Bunny in Miami at the elegant Raleigh Hotel Friday.

This was a collection where it was easy to imagine the Kardashian ladies wearing. Some unusual color combinations were saffron yellow V-cut suit with a plunging navel neckline held with a gray toggle belt. There were Missioni-esque prints paired with toggle belts. The collection offered hot bikinis with the fun details like little sparkly ‘bling’ embellishments, candy colored side tie bottoms and lots of shine.

These suits are amped up for sexy, fit bodies and were not geared for the shy of heart. The presentation featured dangerous V-cuts and teeny monokinis on the models that resembled the Kardashian body type, (as in ‘booty-flattering’). Bottoms with shirred seam down the middle of the back accentuated their signature assets.

If you are a beach bunny, this is the line to get for your next stop in Miami, Vegas or Ibiza - fun, sexy, and just enough coverage on the bottom. This collection screams HOT but may not be suitable actual swimming! It’s perfect for lounging on the pool decks of hotels like the Gansevoort (where the FAB team stayed) to take in the sun with a cocktail in hand.

The line also had a series of black lace suits with strategically placed flesh toned cutouts. MsFAB and I had to do a double take on a few of the models as they walked down the runway. But, it did the job. It got our attention.

The Beach Bunny show was a showstopper. The cavalcade of press, photographers, celeb gawkers almost crushed the Kardashian sisters who sat front row for the presentation nearly causing a riot. Selena Gomez of Disney fame was also seen with the famous siblings.
Photos and Story by Ritika W.

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