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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Karina Wollinsky - Indie Italian Chic

verso x verso
karina wollinsky verso

Far away from Milan, even far away from the city of Florence. I was pleasantly surprised to find a stylish boutique in the tiny town of Panzano in Chianti. This sleepy village was mostly famous for it's butcher and agricultural history...Not fashion.

I walked into the chic space of Verso X Verso, a store that sold custom and handmade shoes on one side. The other side had a small, exquisite collection of sculpted women's clothes. Each jacket, skirt and top were meticulously pieced. The silhouettes were very flattering to the curves.

The woman behind this hidden pocket of glamour was Karina Wollinsky. She started her career in economics, but came back to her dream of indie fashion design after studying at the Florence School for Fashion.

The designer has a clear passion for her work. Touching the shoes and seeing the clothes, you appreciate her eye for detail too. She can be contacted at info@versoxverso.com

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