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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Flag Fashion - Happy Birthday America!

In the U.S. and feeling patriotic? There are certainly designers out there that feel the same...

In the Garment Center's Sidewalk Catwalk exhibit, Tommy Hilfiger eschewed traditional fashion for his mannequin and opted for an artistic sculpture. His entry into the outdoors fashion/art show was a flying flag made from fluid plastic.

The flag motif knitted sweater has been a Polo Ralph Lauren signature for years now. Older versions are collectible, and the brand issues variations on this motif every year. This season, the flag is on a t-shirt and several sports-themed knits.
For shoes, Guiseppe Zanotti has created some cute peep toe pumps with a vintage flag print, hidden red platform and wooden heel for $296. A little more budget-friendly is the tongue-in-cheek Icon Women's Glory mule for $162. It features a repeated flag print with the now classic "Yes We Can" slogan.

Sidewalk Catwalk photos by Adam Weinstein

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