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Monday, July 19, 2010

Clarisonic's Buff and Polish

Sweltering heat, too many decadent cocktails and plenty of sexy swimwear shows kept the FABulous duo on our toes or high heels this weekend in Miami. What’s a girl to do when her engagement list is full of shows and no time for a quick freshen up trip back to the hotel?

We were contemplating the same question when we came across the Clarisonic booth inside the VIP Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim lounge held at the gorgeous Raleigh hotel. I walked around the VIP lounge while our divine MsFABulous sank into facial bliss with the specialist from Clarisonic using the new Opal Sonic Infusion System who was offering demos. The technician lightly applied the cooling Anti-Aging Sea Serum around the eye area before applying the Opal's system which works by applying a gentle sonic 'massaging' action to help penetrate the the serum into the skin. I noticed a subtle difference in Mariana’s eyes after the demo. Her eyes were less puffy and noticeably softened. MsFabulous remarked the next day after our treatments, that her migraine headache was less pronounced. Perhaps it was the serum or the massaging sonic treatment around her eye area that did it, but it certainly was a much needed treat and a product we are coveting and want to get soon from Sephora. This is an mini investment so try it first with a complimentary mini treatment at Sephora.

The Opal

The Opal's results were impressive enough for us to sign up the next day to try out the cleansing system at the demo booth under the fashion tents. The Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System system was gentle on my face. The technician cleansed my skin Gentle Hydro Cleanser and finishing off with the the DR. ROBB Renewal Serum. After the cleansing, my skin definitely felt clean,not stripped down, and felt moist and soft for the rest of our hectic day. And yes, we went back again on Sunday for another treatment because it was addictive and much needed before our flight back to NYC to face Monday morning.

The company was kind enough to offer us the Skin Cleansing System to take home for a trial run. We will report back on our results.

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