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Monday, June 14, 2010

Women’s Mafia & EngieStyle Present “Once Upon A Time” for MillionTreesNYC

What is the power of a girl’s night out? Women’s Mafia founder Marcy Clark pondered that when she started her organization. What started as a simple social club quickly grew into an influential movement that supports designers, artists and small businesses. Instead of merely partying, Women’s Mafia proved that it could empower women and benefit a great cause as well.

Tonight’s celebration was to present Engie Hassan’s debut collection, Rouge et Noir, along with designers Shauntele and Ananda Khalsa. The collection took its direction from old Hollywood glamour, Claude Monet and the designer’s family travels to Versailles. The fashion show and party brought together the most stylish of fashion fans to benefit the New York Restoration project and MillionTreesNYC.

What I found refreshing about the runway show was that it opened with little vignettes. It showed women working with the models and the garments directly. It reminded the audience that there was a creative process and craft behind the looks that one sees on the surface.

MillionTreesNYC, as part of the New York Restoration department works with communities and businesses to plant trees all over NYC. Beyond that, the trees benefit the environment, reducing pollutants, raising real estate value and empowers New Yorkers to care more for their neighborhood.

So what empowers you? Will you get your stiletto in the door and join the Mafia? Will you green your scene and plant a tree? Either way, get involved and get ahead!

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