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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pay It Fashion Forward - Summer Rayne Oakes Delivers For Fashion

Where can you find impeccably dressed fashionistas bowling in mismatched shoes?  Last week at Lucky Strike Lanes, the fabulous people were out to support Pay It Fashion Forward, a benefit for Fashion Delivers.
The party was hosted by Emmanuelle Chriqui of HBO’s Entourage and Bryan Greenberg of How to Make It in America.  The event brought together guests from the entertainment, media and fashion industries to raise money for Haiti relief.    
Fashion Delivers calls upon apparel companies, designers and individuals to contribute clothing, products and funds to help those in crisis.  Anyone who works in the industry understands that excess merchandise is a regular part of doing business and the organizers behind this charity found a great outlet for it.
 I was able to speak to Summer Rayne Oakes, one of the evening’s honorees. She is a model/activist who has devoted much of her time to this cause. In addition to helping the victims of Haiti relief, she was also involved in providing aid to help victims of Hurricane Katrina for the organization. She has made a name for herself, more for her environmental work then modeling. Summer has launched Source 4 Style, a platform for designers to source ethical and sustainable suppliers for their collection.

The board of directors Fashion Delivers is made up of the top executives in the apparel industry. Together, they have lobbied the government to make shipments sent for aid duty free to make giving easier.

Forever 21 presented a fashion show along the bowling lanes, raffles of sponsor goodies and tasty cocktails from Patron rounded out the night.

How can individuals contribute to this organization? Ms. Oakes suggested new helpers can donate money, clothes or even their time. Also, funds raised by attending events thrown by Fashion Delivers helps pay for the shipping of supplies to those in need.

Photos by Mariana L and Emma Grady


Anonymous said...

Okay, these shoes rock! Good finding!

Kate said...

I am definitely gonna get the pink ones! :P

Nice blog!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God! I love your blooog!!! Look at these shoes! I want em!

Diana said...

Oh I didn't know that it's open for everyone!! I have some designing skills ! I guess I will participate next year!!!

Thanks for the information! ;)

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