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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Move Over Tavi...Here Comes Maggie!

Vogue, Bazaar…..Maggie-zine? The newest and youngest, literally, fashion magazine launched in Scranton, PA is a great read.

Editor-in-chief, Maggie Hemphill covers fashion from Bryant Park Fashion Week to Main Street, USA with an insider’s view and voice of teens. Oh yes, Maggie is also the owner, publisher at fourteen years old!
She is also the Teen Ambassador for FashionistaUniversity.com and will be blogging about the prep course while covering fashion for her magazine this summer

Maggie caught the attention of Fern Mallis two years ago when she handed her a copy of her publication. A sign of a true fashion lover, Maggie waited outside for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week founder for hours outside of the tents. I remember doing something similar with my idol, Liz Tilberis, years ago at a Harper’s Bazaar event. It worked for me as well as I ended up getting the magazine internship I wanted.

Fern was impressed enough to become her fashion godmother. She provided her exclusive access to fashion shows, designer interviews and valuable advice. The magazine already has a paid subscriber base of 100 plus readers and sells for $3.00 an issue. An on-line version will be available soon as soon as she gets some extra time between gigs.

Story and photos by Ritika W.

1 comment:

Schon said...

That's great news! I can wait for an online version since I think its not yet available worldwide right? But I hope sooner it will.Wish you all the best Maggie!

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