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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fashionable Father's Day Picks

There are plenty of men's fashion guides out there. Dandies and Divas wish lists are everywhere. For Dads though, I thought gifts should be stylish, but most of all PRACTICAL. Let's face it, no matter how exquisite, he doesn't need another tie.

If you have the budget, a bespoke shirt or suit is an unbelievably thoughtful gift. What could make a fashion conscious dad feel more special than personalized shirts that fit perfectly? A good tailor will help him pick out the most chic and comfortable fabrics, and adjust subtle details like collar/cuff heights and shapes to flatter your guy's best features. Check out Duncan Quinn, Ascot Chang, Tom Ford and Coppley. Need custom shoes? Our recently profiled Ildiko Gal makes the best.

Mocc Socks are perfect solution for the man who is uncomfortable with bare feet in summer shoes, but wouldn't dream of embarassing you by wearing sweat socks. These won't break anyone's budget at $8.00

Don't make a new Dad suffer this summer by forcing him to carry your Vera Bradley floral Mom Tote. Give him a guy-worthy by Jack Spade. This one features the shark from the movie Jaws, infusing humor and practicality. If the father in your life likes to look a little more badass during a diaper change (the child's not his own), go for the Diaper Dude messenger bag.

Call it man jewelry, call it spy accessories or nerd chic. These discreet, elegant cufflinks are actually 4GB USB flash drives. Carry all the photos of family, videogames and any other info you want. They look fabulous and you know some fathers would wear these just for the power...
Love you Dad!

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