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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fashion History Starts Now

It is a well-established cliché that the fashion industry prizes youth and sex appeal. Politically correct or not, it’s an image that sells clothes. What is not as well-established, is that there are many in the fashion community who are aware of the uglier side of society that preys upon that youth and have come together to do something about it.

Monday night, History Starts Now hosted a night of “Fashion Gives Back". The event at the Stone Rose Lounge was home to the second annual fashion show to raise awareness of sexual trafficking of minors within the U.S.

The passion backstage showed that the event meant more than your average fashion outing. Manager Kristin Huggins styled and corralled the models into character. The stylists of Bumble & Bumble team worked hard to make everyone look their best. Designer LeQuan Smith was on hand to make sure the finishing touches on his neoprene pieces were intact for the spotlight.

After a moving speech by founder Kristina Lee Grandstaff, film director Kat Rohrer screened a trailer for her film, “Fatal Promises“ documenting this tragic part of society.

The runway was not just a pretty parade of clothes. At the center of the stage, a male and female model stood roped together to symbolize the bondage of slavery that the victims suffer. The designer’s models came out and reacted differently to the central couple to represent the growing awareness and action of the organization’s cause.

How can you help? If you are a designer, artist, musician or media representative, you can partner with History Starts now to raise awareness. You can donate or become an ambassador in your community. You can research or host an event of your own too!

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