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Monday, June 28, 2010

ECO-CHIC at the Scandinavia House

When you think of ‘green’ fashion and eco-friendly clothes, do you think drab? Shapeless sacks of hemp, faded linens, dragging earth tones? Think again.

At the Scandinavia House, there is a free exhibit until August 21st, 2010. The Eco-Chic exhibit in Midtown Manhattan's Scandinavia House showcases Sweden’s best designers who follow the principles of sustainable design.

Frumpy, the clothes are not. Julian Red’s lurex/linen trench strikes a very tailored, dramatic silhouette. Anja Hynynen’s delicately knitted gowns are delicately sculpted into ruffles. The comically named Swedish Hasbeens makes ultra-sturdy handmade boots from traditional methods.

The museum doesn’t just serve to present pretty fashion. As you walk around the rooms, you can fill out survey testing your eco-chic knowledge.

The fashions and accessories on display represent multiple disciplines of sustainable fashion. It demonstrates the different fabrications like hemp, organic cotton, linens, etc. These many people know.

Eco-friendly clothing is more than that. Ethical and fair-trade practices of manufacturing are explored. Re-using and re-cycling is updated by mixing vintage with the new and the popular “upcycling” of items. Re-purposing a piece to something fabulous.

Many don’t know that harmful effects that stem from laundry. The simple choice to air dry and hand wash a garment makes a huge impact globally if done en masse.

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