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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Designer Dads - Fashion's Top Father Figures

There are plenty of well-known mothers in fashion. Some of the top were spotlighted on Mother’s day. What about the Dads?

Oscar de la Renta lavished love on stepdaughter Eliza and designed her hand-embroidered wedding gown in 1998. She is a VP in her father's firm, and often consults on what styles will appeal to the younger client. I remember watching adopted son Moises do his homework in Dad’s office back in the late 1990's. Grown up, he took after Dad's creative side, designing a rock n' roll themed shirt for Oscar's 2005 collection and launching his own denim line. In 2010, he designed a collection for Mango.
Ralph Lauren and wife Ricky had three children who made their mark. Son David is an executive at Polo Ralph Lauren in Dad's organization. Daughter Dylan is the famous Dylan's Candy Bar founder. Son Andrew is in the film industry.

Tommy Hilfiger, head of the mega American brand of the same name was seen consulting with daughter Ally in MTV’s Rich Girls in 2003. Now, she is a hands-on employee for Dad's company, doing everything from styling, to unpacking boxes. She hopes to follow in her father's footsteps and launch her own line some day.

Photos by Janet Mayer, Michael Edwards and AP


Anonymous said...

Oscar de la Renta....duh!

Anonymous said...

I think Ralph Lauren should be first!!

Richard said...

oh I didn't know that Dylan Lauren had the Dylan's Candy Bar founder!!! Yum :P

Such a nice blog :D

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