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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

4th Annual Independent Handbag Designer Awards -Part One

The Independent Handbag Designer Awards were held last Wednesday at Parsons, the New School of Design.

Emily Blumenthal explained the fledgling award show had progressed ‘from the minors to the majors’. The fashion industry elite included supporter from Kate Spade, Swarovski, mark by Avon, Timberland, Carlos Falchi, Singer and Instyle Magazine. Besides the awards, guests enjoyed surprise guests (Tim Gunn!), laughter and inspiring speeches.

Parson’s Dean of School of Fashion, Simon Collins opened the program by reminding us that fashion is perceived as a “ bitchy, cut throat”. In reality, the evening showed a caring community.

“So many designers are anxious to get noticed,” said Emily. This competition provides an opportunity to showcase their talent to an international audience. Categories included Best Student Made Handbag, Most Socially Responsible Handbag, Best Use of CRYSTALLIZED™ -Swarovski Elements, Best Handmade Handbag Best Green Handbag and Best Handbag in Overall Style & Design and Most Innovative Handbag Inspired by mark.

Independent Handbag Awards - Press Preview
The judging panel consisted of editors, style makers, buyers and professors for each category. selected winners. In addition to international press coverage, awards ranged from apprenticeships with designer Carlos Falchi to selling a limited edition run of their design from CRYSTALLIZED Swarovski Elements.

Where do these awards take you? Rachel Esswood, last year’s winner for Best Student Made Handbag was recently hired by Devi Kroell following her apprenticeship. Another winner from 2009, Lorna Nixon had three bags featured in the film Sex and the City 2.

For more on the awards and individual winners, stay tuned! We will be profiling our favorites in the next few days.

Photos by Mariana L.


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Kelly said...

Oh my goooooooood! Look at the pink one!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't know about this awards!! Thanks for letting me know!

Joan said...

ooh! Tim Gumm was there too???

Hey, nice blog!!

Lois said...

Okay I like the orange most!!! Come on, look at the golden chain! That's so nice!!

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