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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother & Daughter Fashion Teams

Happy Mother's Day beautiful people. I hope you treated the woman who gave you life with love and luxury today. In honor of these amazing women, I wanted to spotlight my favorite Mother and daughter teams of fashion:

Mother Betsey Johnson was a key style-maker in the 1980's and pop icon today. Her daughter cut her teeth early working as the liaison between designer and public relations in her early 20's and now has been promoted to creative director.

Designer Abbe Held describes Mom Bonnie Held as her "best friend". Together, the mother and daughter duo founded Kooba handbags together after being frustrated that they couldn't find the purses they liked in the market. There may be pros and cons in working so closely with your mother, but there is a certain efficiency to partners that can finish each sentence.

donna karan daughterMom Donna Karan defined how the modern career woman dresses in today's world. Daughter Gabby Karan De Felice was once an intern at Anne Klein, now in business with Mom on the Urban Zen boutique.

Karan, like all mothers who are incredibly successful, worried that she was not a good enough parent because of how much she worked. However, Gabby expressed that she felt that was what did make her a better mother. A person who worked at what she loved.

Most of us see our mothers as our very first style icon. Whether or not millions of other people in the world agree or she's the star of just one family, she deserves our appreciation NOW. Happy Mother's Day!

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Vicky Nelson said...

This shots are really lovely. Having the idea of posting this for Mother's Day is awesome, its nice to pay tribute to our mother once in a while. All of them looked really gorgeous on their outfits, you wont even notice that they are actually mothers and daughters.

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