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Saturday, May 1, 2010

American Woman at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

What is American style? While the FIT museum recently held an exhibition "American Beauty"
showcasing the best of American designers, the Met exhibit examines the woman who wears them.
What is the culture behind the uniquely American look? It looks at the Gibson Girl, suffragettes, and women who were early pioneers in politics and equality. With American jazz came the flappers of the 1920's. Hollywood came to prominence a few decades later with glamorous screen sirens like Rita Hayworth.

Who are our modern icons? The movies and tv series Sex and the City was quite the influence in the last few years. (Sarah Jessica Parker also does the audio for the exhibit tour). Michelle Obama is a contemporary symbol of democracy in politics and fashion. Her signature style is a mix of high/low American designers from J. Crew to indie innovators like Jason Wu.
The Metropolitan Costume Gala is one of the hottest social events of NYC and will kick off the show Monday, May 3. The Brooklyn museum will host a sister exhibition, American High Style
featuring their new department and acquisitions.

Photos by Kyle Ericksen,Dan Kitwood

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