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Monday, April 19, 2010

Monster Chic - Big & Furry Makes the Cut?

For anyone who observed the runway offerings for Fall 2010, you probably noticed that fur was making a comeback. At first, I was excited that it signaled a return to luxury. Now, as I look over the past year, I realize that it has less to do with decadence, but an excuse to be a beastly ogre.

While I expected movies like Young Victoria and Coco Before Chanel from 2009 to inspire fashion trends for this year, I never expected Shrek and Where the Wild Things Are to make the cut. The cast of the Green monster movie starred in a photo spread for VMAN magazine. Downtown chic boutique Opening Ceremony offered an entire collection around the wild ones. In Paris, right there on Chanel's icy catwalk, was the Abonimable snowman. I suppose when you are over-sized and covered in hair, it hides all sins...

That's just what every girl needs...To have her boyfriend's Star Wars Wookie fantasies validated.

1 comment:

April said...

Now that is sexy, LOL

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