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Monday, April 26, 2010

Italian Designers Promote the Artisan Movement

Why do you pay the big bucks for a designer item? It's not simply for the name is it? I would hope the educated consumer is purchasing their luxury piece for the work and quality too.

Gucci launched its Artisan Corner program last week, bringing their skilled leather craftspeople to their boutiques. The campaign was launched as a tour in stores of several cities, where VIP clients are able to order a customized bag with their initials embossed and an interior plaque listing the date of the event.

Dolce & Gabbana paid tribute to all of the artisans of their team during their recent fashion show. The show opened with images of their workers smiling out to the audience projected onto the big screen. The presentation also showed a video of the designers in a flurry of sketchpads with the seamstresses, tailors and patternmakers.

Domenico Dolce noted "Tailoring and craftsmanship are assets that belong to us and to Italy. From this point of view, we are very patriotic." Of course, the collection that followed on the runway showcased the final product of impeccably tailored jackets, lace and sheath dresses.

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