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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Couturious Stylist Scholarship Contest! Ends Sunday

I met the lovely ladies of Couturious.com a few months back during NY Fashion Week and loved their website concept. You can pick your model by body type, ethnicity and then style her in current collections from designers. It's like a high-tech stylish version of paper dolls.

From now until Sunday night, they have a fantastic contest for students. Rather than your typical merchandise giveaway, the site is hosting a scholarship contest for those who are seriously training to work in the fashion industry. Couturious has elevated their site from mere fashion toy to potential career tool! You can't fake this one, you actually need to enroll in one of the top fashion schools that are participating if you win.


Kristi7 said...

Yay! We're happy you like the contest--thanks for sharing with your readers!
-Kristi (from the Couturious team)

Ms. Fabulous said...

Hi Kristi! You're welcome, my pleasure. Love your site!

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