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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

NY Fashion Week: Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2010

I am actually blogging live on this incredibly snowy day at the Rebecca Minkoff presentation. I have already frozen my toes in 8 inches of slush to pick up my press badge at Bryant Park. Now I write to you live from a chic loft in Chelsea.

The Fall 2010 clothing and handbag collection from Rebecca Minkoff is here. The theme is Je t’aime Paris but with some Rock N’Roll edge. The colors are dark, with some Parisian stripes and motifs. The bags are lovely bright colors in some of the classic Rebecca Minkoff MAB silhouettes with a twist. There are the edgier zippers, studs and even some animal pattern thrown in on the smaller clutches.

The friendly staff is serving up champagne, macarons and madeleines. It may be wet and cold out there, but it’s nice and warm in here… The team here has set up a blogger's lounge and made us all very comfortable. Of course, being in a good mood to report the collection doesn't hurt... :)

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