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Saturday, February 13, 2010

NY Fashion Week - La Perla Fall 2010

Ah, right before Valentine’s Day, La Perla presented a lovely presentation of exquisite lingerie for their Fashion Week showing. The elegant models were (literally) put on pedestals so guests could admire them as works of art. Objectified? We can debate that later. The delicate underthings were still drool-worthy despite the limited number of people (at least in my life) that would get to see them on me.

There was a film-noir grouping that had ultra-glamorous black lace, the softest lace and satin. A second grouping, named Villa Toscana had softer, more laid back silhouettes. Colors were ivory, neutral or pastel, with a few cascading ruffles.

Accessories? Hmm, a well-chosen lipstick shade? The closest thing to accessories would be the lovely silk and lace lingerie pouches guests received as souvenirs.

I got to say hello to Tinsley Mortimer, and thank her for the interview I did with her for the Purse Page. Her reality show debuts soon. The lovely Maggie Rizer was mingling also.

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