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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hacker Fashion for Geeks and Dreamers

A week outside of the mainstream NY Fashion week, a Season 2 Project Runway alum presented her high-tech project to the world. Diana Eng, self proclaimed "Nerd" has been working on her "Fairytale Fashion" project at Eyebeam Atelier. The audience was noticeably absent of self-absorbed editors, preening socialites and all of the usual Garmento suspects. Instead, it was filled with students, brainy crafters, and the mathletes that would be Diana Eng's supportive fans.

The show itself was creatively inspiring. I'm happy to say that after a week of seeing the same color palettes at Bryant Park and Milk Studios, I was witness to something truly different. Diana Eng applied scientific principles, wiring and LED lights as embroidery and hems to cocktail dresses. A chic wedding dress inflated into a dramatic over-sized bow. A whimsical ballgown was filled with balloons that were released into the air, with twinkling lights as anchors. There were jackets with geometrically calculated pleating that collapsed onto itself for a hood or collar. Origami pleated sleeve adorned another jacket. One dress had roses projecting to the surface from within.

Instead of a pretentious DJ doing the soundtrack, four hackers created digital music with a wired felt pillow, hacked sewing machine and a bunch of laptops.

The only thing I miss from regular fashion week are the cocktails...Guests here were served fruit punch and honey tea. So much for giving up sobriety for Lent...

Photos by See-Ming Lee


alicia said...

I am curious...how exactly are those the ballons staying in place?

wengmengny said...

Helium balloons with LED lights stuffed inside, then a very full skirt to house them. At the end, the model shook out her skirt and let the balloons float out to the ceiling

GhdMk4 said...
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