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Monday, February 15, 2010

Custo Barcelona's Hairy Metal Fall 2010

Extroverts, start your engines! The Custo Barcelona collection for Fall 2010 Sunday evening was specifically designed to make a (loud) statement for whomever wears their clothes.

Designers Custo and David Dalmau have earned a celebrity following with their flamboyant prints and sexy silhouettes. The presentation on the runway took this image up a notch. Elements of fur and sequins gave some luxe to the collection. Super short skirts and dresses, patterned suits and leggings. The color palette was rich with purple, royal blue, fushia and brights. The fur trim and jackets were more Blade Runner than Brooke Astor.

The show was lit like a nightclub with a soundtrack to match. It clearly marked the Custo girl as not the lady who lunches in beige tearooms. Handbags were large, slouchy and trimmed to match the clothing.

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