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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

NY Fashion Week Wrap-Up: The Indies

There were plenty of publications, tv stations and blogs that provided explicit coverage of all the major shows during Fashion week. I attended many of them myself, and collected many hair products, designer totes and refreshing beverages in the process.

I covered the bigger names of course, the ones with paparazzi stalking the front row (and blinding me in the process) the ones whose after-parties made more press than the clothing itself. For my thoughts of these shows, you can check out the runway reports on the Purse Page.

For this blog however, I decided to cover the lesser known designers.. These are names I did not know before the festivities of last week, but I'll remember them now for their artful outlook, delicate craftsmanship and inspiration for me to keep trying to continue my creative path.

At the Arise African Promise Collective show, there were a few paparazzi-bait guests like Amerie, Chanel Iman, and a bevy of beautiful boys. Despite this, the actual talent of the designers did show through. Eric Raisina is a Cambodian-based designer who mastered the arts of his native country's silk weaving and dyeing. The bright hues and contemporary uses of traditional techniques lit up the runway. (Of course, the end of the show, Tyson Beckford lit up the female audience for reasons other than fashion).


How lovely it is that the Academy of Art spent the time and money to promote its star students during Fashion Week? (One would think that FIT and Parsons would do the same, but they don't, and no, I am not bitter). Richelle Valenzuela's gorgeous silk organza creations above were inspired by the facets of gems. Richelle was definitely the favorite among the crowd at this show.

At the Argentine Designers collective, this presentation was sponsored by their government to spotlight the stars of their country. The gift bag on each guest's seat contained a pictorial map of the country and a giant back of Argentinian toffee. I can only assume they are also trying to promote the nation's dentists as well.

Of course, it may only be appropriate that the standout designer in this show was Fabian Zitta. A licensed anesthesiologist (!) ;You can insert your various jokes here. > His label is coveted by Argentinian socialites, and the likes of Katie Holmes and Pink on this side of the border. It was not clarified if this was a collection of bridal looks or not, but the creamy fabric manipulations would like as good down the altar as they did on the runway.

My very favorite look for Spring/Summer 2010? Ok, I'm not exactly practical, but I spotted these floral creations by Niels Van Eijk/Miriam Van Der Lubke. They were sponsored by the Floral Council of Holland to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the country. These all-bloom gowns were at the lobby of the Museum of Art and Design on my way to the Bespoken Men's fashion show. Does anything declare "Le Printemps" more than this?

madmus dutch dress

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