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Monday, June 8, 2009

Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Festival - Talent Only, No Costumed Geeks Allowed

This weekend, the 69th street Armory on the East Side of Manhattan was host to the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Festival. The soaring old space was home to tables upon tables of the hottest up-and-comic illustrators, artists and independent publishers. Along side of all the fresh meat, were legends, and established artists on hand for seminars and signings. This was not the event for costumed freaks of questionable mental stability found at those other conventions. The crowd here was here to appreciate and support artistic talent and unique points of view. A crowd that speaks to my heart. For the shy boys who fantasize about an evil comic temptress? What you will find here are sexy, smart and gifted women like Tara McPherson, Molly Crabapple and others doing what they do best without the aid of a latex catsuit, but wield a mighty pen.

Another of my favorite finds? The quiet and cute Michael J. DiMotta. His work featured brilliantly composed, whimsical scenes. Each of his images seem to be drawn from the viewpoint of a boy whose imagination ran amok.

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