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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Second Lives: Garbage to Gorgeous

Have you checked out the new location of the Museum of Art and Design yet? That's the one that took over the long-abandoned "Lollipop" building at Columbus Circle.

Right now, they have the most gorgeous exhibit, Second Lives (through April 19). It features several floors of projects from artists and designers who have re-purposed discarded objects into beautiful new works. Many of them were functional, and would make great additions to any edgy home decor scheme. A chandelier composed of old eyeglasses, a wall of drawers from discarded suitcases. My favorite is pictured above, the flock of butterflies created from LP's. There was also a huge tidal wave of LP's in another part of the exhibit.

As with most of the great museums in NYC, you can check this exhibit out on whatever funds you can muster. Thursday evenings are Pay-What-You-Wish after 6:00 pm.

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