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Friday, January 9, 2009

Louis Vuitton Party Celebrating Stephen Sprouse

Hey! Let's pretend I am still 19 and still have the energy to party all night on the Lower East Side. Let's also pretend this rockin' concert by Debbie Harry is actually 1982, and not being sponsored by big luxury label Louis Vuitton. The grande dame herself was doing the same, acknowledging the change of times, " I don't think I have ever seen so much mink in this room..." We were all partying it up at the Bowery Ballroom to celebrate the opening of the Stephen Sprouse exhibit downtown.

Gorgeous waiters served up sweets like chocolate dipped rice krispie matchsticks, truffles and cotton candy. The bartenders poured out the champagne like we were drowning. The music was a great mix of vintage and current rock as well as nostalgic pop.

Lots of "It-girl" models like Erin Wasson and Agyness Deyn were on the dance floor. Lots of the old 80's and 90's art/party characters were on hand as well, (the drag queen Brandywine and friend above). Cute boys snapped Polaroids and set them on cards with the Stephen Sprouse/Louis Vuitton art rose motifs as party favors. My partner-in-crime, the lady Ritika snapped a bunch of fab party pics the like ones you see above.

Am I really old if I mourn the loss of evenings like this or just immature?

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