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Friday, September 12, 2008

Blackjack and Hennessey at the Louis Vuitton Casino

The Soho NY location of the Louis Vuitton store was host to a ‘Casino Night’ Wednesday for a Fashion Week party. The event was held to showcase the Damier Graphite collection, featuring a new interpretation of the classic Damier canvas. The collection featured a Gotham-friendly black and charcoal checkered pattern with historic LV logos. Unlike the bright, Murakami print handbags, this collection is very sleek, minimal and masculine. Perfect business bags for the chic and cosmopolitan gentleman.

The party itself was a LOT of fun, with the boutique transformed into a casino. Charming and handsome dealers ran blackjack, roulette, and other casino game classics on custom-made tables with custom-made chips just for the occasion.

Yours truly played over an hour of Blackjack with the humorously printed Louis Vuitton play-money. The player with the most money at the end of the night won a special prize.

I started getting cheeky as I was winning. The dealer asked if I was a regular in Vegas. That is, of course, until my mother and date for the evening gave up all of my credibility.

This happened when I lost one hand (with play money) and she exclaimed and comforted me at the table like it was the biggest tragedy. (The "oh no! I'm so sorry honey!" was a great touch.. mm hmm.) At least all of the other players found it amusing.

It was at this point that I sent her back to the bar to retrieve some extra champagne and Hennessey cocktails. She also had a great time sampling all of the artful treats and sweets served up by male models. Cheesecake is her Kryptonite.

In the end, I did not win the big prize, but did win a bottle of Hennessey with a lucky hand at the table. Party favors were sleek Damier Graphite patterned playing cards.

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