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Monday, February 18, 2008

WE Channel Repeat Airing of I Do...Let's Eat!

we pic

This is the Food Network Canada Show that followed Studly Hubby and me around for two days as we prepared for our wedding and then the ceremony and reception itself.  It airs for the third time in the U.S. today on the WE channel, (home to Bridezillas and every other wedding-themed reality show on the planet).

It also profiled the chef from his point of view, as his team prepared for the lovely dinner.  It was an incredibly insightful (and hilarious to my friends and family) look into the narcissistic control-freak that is me.

In the 22 minutes of this show, it shows my wonderful friends and family suffering under my direction in designing the gown, invitations, programs, bridesmaid dresses, table settings and menu.  The catering staff suffer the same fate, with one chef passing out exhausted in the kitchen.

My mother was quite pleased (and surprised) that no one (meaning me) was caught cursing or was bleeped on camera.  Um, thanks for having having faith in your daughter Mom.

Through the grapevine, we heard that this show had also aired in Hong Kong and parts of Europe.  Funny how things get lost in translation.  On the UK website, Hubby was given a new job description in his bio (at least it was a promotion).  On the French TV site, our photo was replaced with a random photo of a completely different couple.

All of the people who watched the program, but did not attend the event in person gushed about how much they loved the star of the show... To them, that was the  cake.

A gal has no chance when she is  up against the scene-stealing stardom of dark chocolate fondant and buttercream.

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