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Thursday, February 16, 2017

NYFW Zang Toi Fall 2017

Happy Valentine's Day! Let me start with a sweet image of a designer and his muse at the Fall 2017 show. Zang Toi always shows his love for his team, his models, the photographers and his guests. It is no surprise that he is a favorite, season after season.

Toi's collections are the best in escapism. He takes his inspiration from an impeccably luxurious destination that we all fantasize about traveling to. This season he fell in love with the royal blue textile of the Ritz-Carlton in Berlin. It was a dark, intense hue that the designer knew he had to use well. Getting the shade wrong could be the difference between garish and elegant. As you see from the photos, he nailed elegance.

Zang Toi uses the most luxurious of fabrics. This season included baby angora, Lori Piana cashmere, silks of all textures and rich velvet. He paired full cropped cocoon jackets and wrap with slim column dresses for a striking silhouette. Gigantic ballgown and capes swept down the runway to make the photographers' riser swoon. The day wear included many a sophisticated ensemble that looked slim and draped.

For the jewelry, beaded tassels and jeweled updates on the choker were beautiful. The hair was swept back into an elegant, simple bun on most models. 

I love this designer and show much, that partner Mdivani and I actually camped out for 4 hours in then riser to make sure we got the best view. Zang Toi's Fall 2017 was absolutely worth it.
Photos by Mariana Leung

Monday, February 13, 2017

NYFW: Jenny Packham Fall 2017

The British are coming! Jenny Packham's Fall 2017 collection was a celebration of English heritage and their cliches. The designer is a red carpet favorite during awards season. Her dresses offer a modern take on traditional evening wear silhouettes.

all photos by Mariana Leung
Packham's take on the "Idiosyncrasies that define the British identity" is a tongue-in-cheek take on iconic motifs of the U.K. There were the tartan patterns both in print and embroidered tulle. The color Wedgewood blue was important throughout the collection. Pearls, delicate sweaters were nods to "Sloane Rangers," the Preppy fashion girls of England. Various versions of moto jackets were a tribute to punk style. Of course, each theme was upgraded with luxury details, like rich crystal beading on sweaters, or embroidered cut-outs on the leather. A tribute to the Queen's Corgi dogs materialized on a silk t-shirt.

Scarves wrapped in Ascot style accessorized a few models. The white ones also symbolized the Business of Fashion's #TiedTogether movement. The BoF's initiative for fashion month to get designers, editors, influencers to wear a version of a white bandanna to stand for unity, inclusiveness, and solidarity against the negativity and discrimination of the world right now. Their site also asks supporters to donate the ACLU and the UN Refugee Agency. This showed how activism at NYFW can be as subtle as the simple styling of your models.

Jenny Packham put together classic heritage with humor and modern fashion. She managed to put out a positive message while delivering beautiful clothes. Fall 2017 is looking up for all of us.

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

NYFW: Son Jung Wan Fall 2017

Ready for the Grammy Awards tonight? There will be tributes to George Michael and Prince. Before that, Son Jung Wan's Fall 2017 runway yesterday already did that. 

Korea's favorite designer was inspired by 1980's music icons this season. She looked to big shouldered silhouettes, flamboyant furs and a showy palette of gold, white, lipstick red and turquoise to evoke the era. 

I love the details like lightning bolt styled seams that evoke David Bowie's classic album cover. Wan's personal favorites include the long haired turquoise fur jackets. 

While some brands water down their aesthetic for the menswear portion of the collection, this label carries the fabrics and attitude throughout both genders. Some of broad silhouettes are tough to carry off if you don't have the height or swagger, but it is a collection for icons, go big or go home!

Congrats to Son Jung Wan on another great season!

Photos by Mariana Leung


Friday, February 10, 2017

#NYFW Nicholas K Fall 2017 Revolution

hip hop fashion
nicholas k fall 2017

Join the revolution! Nicholas K delivered my favorite collection from them ever since I have first followed the brand. Fashion designers all over this season's NYFW are taking a stand on the current world in creative ways. While some have models holding up protest signs, Christopher and Nicholas Kunz worked their design theme 1990s Hip Hop into a subversive opportunity.

nose ring earringThe collection itself blended elegant draping with 1990s urban silhouettes and styling. Jackets with fur collars were oversized for extra swagger. Dresses and tops were worn off the shoulder. There were chic versions of fuller, parachute-like pants ("Hammer" pants).

For accessories, berets, headbands and fantastic shiny gold or black metallic boots gave the models an urban attitude. The jewelry of choice were giant hoop earrings and nose rings. The color palette ranged from red, black, ivory, hues of metallic gold and shades of grey.

So why did I think this fashion show had subversive political messaging? The Hip Hop theme of the fashion complemented a badass performance by rapper Latasha Alcindor. Her rhymes spoke of forming a revolution, racial equality and emphasized other important themes of resistance and injustice.

Protest has many forms and can be made across all mediums. Nicholas K did it through a theme and musical performance while letting their Fall 2017 collection stand on its own.They managed to send a visual message on behalf of their brand for business. Separately, but complimentary, they sent a statement to your ears through voice and words. Is this a direction that fashion might be headed? Designers who are initially shy to make their NYFW platform an overtly political one can follow this example. Resist!
latasha alcindor
photos by Mariana Leung

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

#NYFW: Hayley Elsaesser My Little Pony Fall 2017

Rejuveniles rejoice! Hayley Elsaesser created the flamboyant My Little Pony collection of your dreams! The Canadian designer is known for her bright graphic prints and wildly fun attitude. The toy brand approached her for collaboration, finding their mutual aesthetic to be a great fit.

This color palette for this season was the most saturated shade of pretty much any color you can think of. Motifs included rainbows, clouds, hearts, plaid, lightning bolts and the star ponies themselves. You could find cute shift dresses, knit dresses, sweaters, short skirts, ruffled cropped pants for the ladies. Men were offered woven shirts, pants, hoodies, jackets and overalls.

The candy-colored hues didn't stop at the clothing. Male and female models were styled with the same colors in their hair and eye makeup. I loved that the abundance of color was also reflected in the casting. Models represented all ethnicities and body types. When I spoke to Elsaesser, this was very important to her. She wanted to make sure her presentation reflected her fans and customers.

The event was planned as a party. Guests were treated to nibbles and a sticker photo booth. Gift bags included a My Little Pony Pez dispenser, along with stickers, nail art and cookies. I love seeing fellow Canadian fashion peeps make their way down to NYFW. Her boutique is located on Queen Street West a few block away from my first internship in fashion when I still lived in Toronto.

Thank you, Hayley Elsaesser, for starting NYFW off with a joyful bang. I cherish shows that bring a giddy smile to my face. My Little Pony is an easy way to do that. The clothing is so fun, I am shopping on her site as I write this.
Photos by Mariana Leung
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#NYFW Fall 2017 Fashion Designer Inspiration

nyfw inspiration
Aaaand it begins! NYFW has launched with new venues, new attitudes and new fashion designer inspirations. I just thought I would give you a sneak peek at what inspired some of the brands we will cover on this site. It is also just an excuse to throw up a bunch of fashion illustrations and sketches just because I like to look at them.

Nicholas K. looks to Nineties hip hop for his Fall 2017 collection. Based on his fashion sketch, that translates to military silhouettes with the swagger of fur collars.

Son Jung Wan drew a flamboyant design. She was inspired by the big, exaggerated silhouettes of the 1980s. Her color palette includes red, pink and sea green. Look for her collection to combine layers of handcrafted knits and rich velvets.

I know I can always look for glamor and romance from the THEIA collection. Designer Don O'Neill is interpreting Dutch florals and Baroque pearls as a motif but giving it a shiny 1970s edge.

Designer Pamella Roland often works her love of contemporary art into her elegant collections. For Fall 2017, a Rothko exhibit at the Pace Gallery served as her muse.

So there you have it. A sneak peeks at a few of the shows Ms. Fabulous will cover during the NYFW Fall 2017 season. I love the little fashion sketches that the designers provide, but they still pale next to the real looks when you see them on the model. Good luck to all of my designer, editor, PR and photographer peeps who will not get any sleep this week!
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