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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

NYFW: Rubin Singer Fall 2016 Homomorphism

rubin singer runway
rubin singer design

One of the first fall 2016 NY Fashion Week collections I shot was Rubin Singer. His inspiration was an unusual one for fashion. His muse was the use of mathematics, constant formulas and homomorphism. For those of you are rusty on your arithmatic, homomorphism is defined as "a transformation of one set into another that preserves in the second set the relations between elements of the first." That is quite a brainy theme for a luxurious eveningwear collection with some drama.

So where do we see these mathematical equations? There were some laminated geometric fabrics that formed into three-dimensional shapes. There were cut-glass embroidered appliques shaped into irregular hexagons. We saw layered satin and leather folds that were rotated around calculated angles. 

The body silhouettes however, were much more fluid. Gorgeous gowns were draped into classically elegant shapes with more of a 1960's and 1970's vibe. Using his technical skills, he masterfully manipulated combinations of duchess satin and heavy Indian lambswool with lightweight silk chiffon into softer ruffles.

rubin singer fall 2016

 You may not know Rubin Singer's fashion designs from the stores (though he IS sold at Neiman Marcus). You ARE familiar with his work on tv and the stages of top divas like Alicia Keys and Queen Latifah. Remember that fierce Beyonce outfit from the 2013 Superbowl? That's Rubin Singer. With his fall 2016 collection he is seducing us mere mortals to wear his gowns. That is, if us mere mortals had the red carpet and full stadium of fans to wear it for.

NYFW Fall 2016 Fashion Designer Sketches and Inspiration

fashion drawing

Are you ready for NY Fashion Week? I am excited for the fall 2016 collections at NYFW. Here are some of my favorite fashion sketches from designers I will be covering this season. Georgine Ratelband was inspired by the darker villains and heroes of Grimm's Fairy Tales. This muse is particularly timely with the new exhibition at the Museum at FIT. Pamella Roland continues her architecturally inspired streak this fall with sleek lines with a futuristic look. She is mixing metallic and linear motifs to echo Tokyo's modern structures.
nyfw fall 2016 inspiration

Vivienne Tam's motifs for fall are based on mosaic dreams. While Rubin Singer is also working with shapes and dimension created through mathematics. Beijing designer Alicia Lee is desigining with an updated twist to the retro feminine.

Nicole Miller was rebelling against the move towards seasonless dressing. She addressed winter with a rich Nordic theme for a cozy collection. Monique Lhuillier designed with layers of textures to reflect the complex layers of thoughts and emotions of the modern woman. Dennis Basso created fall 2016 in the same spirit. He wanted to dress the bold, romantic and brash.

monique lhuillier sketch

So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed today's sneak peek at the fashion designer sketches for the fall 2016 NYFW collections coming soon to Ms. Fabulous!

Winter Skin Hacks for NYFW

Tracking Pixel

Winter snow is officially back in NYC right in time to freeze out my NY Fashion Week again. I am excited to work with Walmart.com on how I incorporate Dove Body Wash into my routine. My skin takes an absolute beating during this time of year and the lack of sleep during NYFW does not help. When my skin is dry and itchy, it is a distraction when I am in the photographer’s pit trying to shoot.

The very first thing I do in the morning is shower Dove’s Deep Moisture Nourishing Body Wash. I have used variations of this since college. My skin gets flaky and tough when it gets cold. Over the years, I have had bouts with skin rashes as well where allergies and sensitivity cause hives to flare up. Dove’s moisturizing body washes are much better than soap or shower gel because your skin retains the moisturizing effects after you towel off. As one of the #1 dermatologist recommended products, the gentle cleansers don’t irritate my often already uncomfortable skin.
tudor style apartment

Do you see how much snow I got during the last snowstorm? I sometimes fantasize about jumping into a giant tub of lotion in the winter. Instead, I make sure to implement super ingredients like Moroccan Argan oil in my routine. Having purchased some Argan oil directly from Berber women who hand-ground the nuts from the Moroccan mountains during a 2008 trip, I was a little spoiled on this. No longer having access to this hookup, Dove Dry OilMoisture is my savior as it has an advanced formula with  Moroccan Argan oil infused.

Other tips for staying soft in the winter? Scrub, scrub scrub. I have a vibrating facial brush, giant bath brush and pumice stone for my feat. The Dove Deep Moisture Nourishing body wash lathers beautifully with a brush. Exfoliating first helps other products work better. My last tip is to wear warm socks immediately after moisturizing my feet.

So there you have it, my winter beauty regimen for NYFW during the winter.

 This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walmart.com and Dove.

Friday, February 5, 2016

NYFW Menswear: Greg Lauren Fall 2016

 This had to be the coolest presentation of NY Fashion Week Mens. Greg Lauren presented a study of masculinity in all of its classic archetypes for his fall 2016 collection. The main set piece was the vignette of boxers. Other iconic male roles included the nomad, the artist, the dandy, the cowboy and superhero.

The clothing itself was luxuriously dishevelled. There was a lot of overdyed and faded linen, wool and cotton textures. The color palette ranged from various shades of grey to navy, charcoal, olive green and maroon. Pant silhouettes had a relaxed fit up top, but slim fit in the leg like riding pants. Vests and tailored jacket had a sculpted fit that was softened with multiple washes. Garment edges were artfully frayed, worn into holes or leather edges were left to their natural shape.

Between the setting and the backdrop, every photo coming out of this presentation looked great. I liked how the overall message of the collection was that there was no single ideal for masculinity, nor was it one-dimensional. The models were ethnically diverse (but they were all tall, fit and handsome of course). Tyson Beckford, one of my favorite male models of all time was the key attraction (or was that just me?)

Greg Lauren's fall 2016 collection was the ultimate show of testosterone in stylish form.
Photos courtesy of the designer

Thursday, February 4, 2016

NYFW Menswear: General Idea Fall 2016

Rugged and crafted. Korean designer Choi Bum Suk presented a tightly edited collection at New York Fashion Week Men's. The General Idea collection had a color palette of navy, camel, brown with black and white. The most notable features, however, were the oversized details. Zippers, eyelets and pockets were exaggerated in size.

The overall look was urban cowboy. The rustic edge to the collection was not meant for actually roughing it anywhere with real dirt or outdoor work. It was more of an attitude, like a Western set in the middle of Downtown Seoul. The styling of each piece was well thought out. From the multiple textures of the trims, (leather, or vinyl, or wool contrasted with other fabrics or colors) to the overall drape and layering of the pieces to form the entire outfit.

Accessories were a major part of this runway. There were chokers and hats. The sunglasses had a unique octagon shape. The bags offered great alternatives to the typical men's offerings. An over-sized flat envelope bag acted as a funky alternative to a briefcase. A top-handled bulky flap backpack with giant eyelets was a good option for a carry-all. Thick soled shoes with a rich, gradient polish in the deep navy hues of the clothing looked great with the outfits.

I don't quite have a sense of who the General Idea customer is yet. I do know that I like what I see as a whole from this label. It's tough to be a lone wolf designer in this field of fashion. I wish Choi Bum Suk the best of luck.
photos courtesy of the designer

DIY Burlesque Fashion Workshop at Brooklyn Noir

Looking to spice up your game? How about a workshop (for singles and couples) to handcraft the sexiest accessories you can imagine? Make your own leather corset, artisan pasties, furry kitten heels and other burlesque fashion and fetish items to make you feel naughty.

The Brooklyn Shoe Space is hosting a sexy weekend of classes starting this Saturday, February 6, 2016 to teach you how to make everything from leather whips, masks, waist trainers to garter belts. The weekend starts with a burlesque performance to get everyone in the mood.

Classes include all materials and are reasonably priced from $35. To reserve your spot, email  ritika@brooklynshoespace.com . All workshops are located at 224 Roebling Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211.
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