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Friday, April 18, 2014

Cadillac ELR Exposure Project

cadillac elr exposure
 cadillac party
Cadillac presented its latest star, the ELR this week by giving it the supermodel treatment. Top photographers were recruited to make their new car their muse with the ELR Exposure Project.  The shiny vehicle was a sleek product of industrial design that took a break from the stuffy car of my parent’s generation.  The shooters, DJ Derrick Jones, Liz Eswein, Jonathan Mannion and 13th Witness showed the car as urban sophisticate, nightlife star or city voyeur. 

The party held a crowd of design and car enthusiasts.  The loft setting against the sunset of the West Side highway was the perfect backdrop to show off the car itself.  I like how car manufacturers are now embracing their industrial roots and recognize how they partner well with other disciplines of design and art.  I love seeing the fashion designer/automobile collaborations that I have seen over the past few years, (Mara Hoffman with Mercedes-Benz, Isaac Mizrahi with Chevrolet).  I can’t wait to see where else design takes us next. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Big Faberge Egg Hunt

Want to go on the most luxurious fashion egg hunt ever created?  The Faberge Big Egg Hunt is happening all over New York City right now.  The big egg? Three Faberge egg pendant necklaces encrusted with diamonds and gems worth up to $48000.

The big egg hunt encompasses egg sculptures by top artists, celebrities, fashion designers like Marchesa, Tommy Hilfiger, Julian Schnabel, Bruce Weber, Martha Stewart and Cynthia Rowley.  (That creepy one on the left is Terry Richardson). The eggs are placed around the city and you can check in at each egg on the Big Egg Hunt App to win the hunt.   

Each egg sculpture is up for auction to benefit two charities.  The first is Studio in A School which brings the arts to public schools in all five boroughs of New York City.  The other is the Elephant Family which is an organization which fights to save the Asian elephant from extinction.  

If you like the eggs and can't swing the big ticket to win the auction, you can buy smaller versions of the eggs, or a tote, postcards at the Big Egg Hunt Shop online or at some of the egg locations to help out the charities.  You can also just give a donation.

I don't know about you, chocolate eggs are nice, but a jeweled Faberge or big piece of artwork from your favorite artist? That's a basket I can get into. 


Monday, April 14, 2014

Red Carpet Winners - MTV Movie Awards

 It was a sea of boring simple black dresses, the Red Carpet stars of last night's MTV Movie Awards were the ones that took risks and brought the out the color; lots of colors.  Lupita Nyong'o has been the hands-down winner of red carpet dressing this year and won the night again.  She wore a quirky arts project of a dress by Chanel that on anyone else, would have been silly, but had every fashion fan squealing instead.  The bright turquoise shoes, gun metal eye shadow and nerd glasses later on in the evening completed the best look of the awards.

Another art inspired look was worn by Jillian Rose Reed of MTV's Awkward.  While the strapless fit could have used a good tailor, the flared silhouette and painterly print was lots of fun.  I loved how the palette complemented her bright red hair.  The dress was from Angelys Balek. 
 Yes, I said there were a lot of boring black dresses.  The one exception was the Alexander McQueen gown worn by Nicki Minaj.  The rapper shocked fans and skeptics alike with a gorgeous, elegant makeover.  Her sleek hair, sexy cat's eye makeup was toned down from the looks we are used to, but the figure hugging black dress and teasing pattern along the side certainly did not reduce her impact and proved less can be more, even for Nicki.  The sculpted gold jewelry made her look like a queen.

Shailene Woodley always looked like the good girl with tasteful dresses and strong, tough characters.  It was great to see a more playful, sexy look last night.  The deceptively simple color of olive green was given a high fashion twist in Balenciaga's leather two-piece ensemble.  Those magnificent strappy heels? They are from Jimmy Choo.

Honorable mention goes to newlyweds Linda Perry and Sara Gilbert.  They had a great couples ensemble.  They wore similar, but not matching outfits.  Linda in charcoal suit with satin shawl collar with weathered t-shirt and rock n' roll pendants and belt buckle.  Sara also in rocker chic with leather blazer and hardware necklace in a different length.  The couple demonstrated the proper way to dress appropriately for the occasion and to complement each other.

Photos from Rich Polk/Getty Images for MTV,REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

Friday, April 11, 2014

Bridal Week: THEIA White - Spring 2015

theia white
theia wedding dress
Ethereal, enchanting, mystical or mesmerizing? THEIA White's Spring 2015 bridal collection was inspired by the Goddess Danu, a legend of designer Don O'Neill's homeland of Ballyheigue, Ireland. 

The mythical Goddesses of Don's ancestors were said to be seen moving across the bay in a "swirling veil of mist".  You can see that muse in the light tulle and delicate lace trailing the brides on the runway.  Flattering mermaid silhouettes are a given for this theme, as are the slinky draped long gowns that look like they envelop a statue.  Hand-embroidered and beaded gowns elevate each dress into art.  

Despite the ancient inspiration, the THEIA collection takes some modern interpretations of bridal fashion.  The silver lace and crystal gown offer an alternative to classic white.  The cropped top and full skirt is a fresh way to incorporate current fashion trends with traditional fabrics.  The short, meticulously beaded dresses are perfect for the bride ready to dance.  Many of the dress backs had unusual, but flattering cutouts (need to show off a tattoo?) 
crystal bouquet
I have to say, I was also totally in love with the crystal head pieces that worked as a veil alternative.  The elegant flower bouquets from Fleur de Pascal were given a luxurious upgrade with  crystal floral arrangements that created a dimensional sculpture to be held.  This was also a great way to accessorize a simpler gown for a bride who isn't comfortable with a big and showy frock.

 Sure, you can be a princess on your big day, but why stop there when you can be a THEIA Goddess? Beautiful job Don O'Neill!

Photos by Craig Bannerman

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Street Style Circa 1900's

historical fashion
1900s fashion

Before Bill Cunningham and Scott Schulman, there was Edward Linley Sambourne.  Street style documentation is not a recent phenomenon as most of us believe.  Sambourne was an illustrator and amateur photographer who was obsessed with fashion and clothing details.

He often worked with a model in his studio or with members of his family.  He loved military uniforms, national dress of different cultures, classical style or costumes of all kinds.  In addition to his studio work, he often took photos of women on the streets of London and Paris, mostly without their knowledge.  Bypassing the creep factor of the hidden camera aspect, the photos offer an intriguing look at the style of real people in that era.

Hats are big and flamboyant.  The stitching, pleats and folds are beautifully detailed in what initially looks like just a simple garment.  How much do you love the delicate petals texture of the sleeves o the woman on the left?  What I found notable was that fashion plate illustrations of that era, women had demure postures, or often looked like they were under the protection of a man. The real women of these photographs however, are confident, striding with purpose, reading, socializing with each other, but always impeccably accessorized.

You can read more about Edward Linley Sambourne at the Library Time Machine site.

Photos from Edward Linley Sambourne’s fashion blog