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Friday, May 19, 2023

The Macallan's Brooklyn Tasting

My favorite whiskey brand, Macallan, hosted their highly-anticipated tasting event in a gorgeous former bank in Brooklyn. The stunning Weylin space in Williamsburg welcomed cocktail enthusiasts into a simulated garden replicating the lovely flora that helps flavor the spirit in Scotland. 
No surprise, the initial drink that guests enjoyed was the "Flora and Fauna," an enchanting combination of their 12-year single malt, white port, pear, and heather honey, presented in a composition of inspirational foliage.
The main ballroom invited guests to learn how to taste Macallan's different editions, from detecting the different notes of toffee, tobacco, and spices to how it warms the palette in different ways. Large screens showed the beautiful landscape in Scotland's Speyside region (where my husband is jonesing to visit this summer).

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