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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

#NYBW: Karen Sabag Bridal 2015

Feeling romantic? I love the parade of wedding gowns across New York for Bridal Week.  Designer Karen Sabag’s bridal collection for 2015 was inspired by the opulent interiors of Versailles.  Her fashion show venue probably came as close to those interiors as you could find in NYC at the French-styled James Burden Mansion.

Fashion Institute of Technology alumni, Sabag is known for her love of corseted looks, intricate embroideries and luxury fabrics.  This collection was a portfolio of all of her specialties.  There were gorgeous silhouettes with swishing mermaid tails and epic trains.  Shorter dresses were also on offer for the contemporary bride.  Lace gowns were further embellished with contrasting lace piecing as appliques.  Delicate pearls and jewels were embroidered with shredded chiffon flowers.  She used a range of bridal colors like blush, ivory, white, taupe and champagne.

The two looks that were cute, but did not seem to fit were the dresses that had a pattern of plastic pailettes embroidery.  While on their own, these looks were fun and modern, they were a stark contrast to the classic luxury of the rest of the collection.  They made a lot of noise as the model walked and did not exactly fit the Versailles theme.

The showstopper was the final look of the runway.  Based on reports of other bridal week shows, this would be the “Elsa” dress.  It was seemingly communicated to all bridal designers that the hottest look next year would be the signature look from Disney’s “Frozen”.  Designers interpreted this into pale blue glittery gowns, dresses with sheer capes, etc.  For Karen Sabag, she paired a heavily beaded fishtail gown with a cap sleeved organza coat that billowed out like a cape. 

Whether you’re the ice queen of Versailles or just want to warm up the aisle, you would find something in Karen Sabag’s 2015 bridal collection for everyone.
photos by Mariana Leung

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