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Saturday, July 19, 2014

MIAMI FASHION WEEK: Beach Bunny 2015 Featuring The Blonds

From the very first runway look, it was clear the Beach Bunny 2015 collection was not meant for the pool.  The Blonds, New York’s celebrated design duo collaborated with the swimwear label for an unbelievable fashion show to end the night in Miami.

 A fashion show by the Blonds in New York usually means that the runway will be transformed into the fiercest nightclub.  Their over the top looks are sought after by the likes of Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry to name a few.    Their work with the Beach Bunny collection continued in this tradition.

The 1970’s hair, bombshell eye makeup and galactic fetish outfits looked like they walked straight out of the movie Barbarella.  It was a genius move to put a big fan on the end of the runway so the models would have the wind blowing through their sex kitten hair.  The beauty looks were styled by Tresemme’s Tyler Laswell. 

The fashion incorporated everything from holographic fabrics, metallic studs, neon and jewels.  There were heavily embellished corsets paired with simple bikini bottoms.  There were bikini tops with corset lacing details.

Some of the suits clearly were not meant for retail. Others cleverly mixed lingerie details with functional swimsuit fabrics for a very sexy (but wearable) collection.  You might have to look underneath the oversized spiky bracelets and thigh high stilettos to see it.  Trust me, the male members of the audience would be happy to. 

Beach Bunny and The Blonds have created a killer swim season for this planet or the next.

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