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Saturday, February 25, 2012

FAB EXCLUSIVE: Red Carpet Dressing with Janet McTeer

Oscar Nominee Janet McTeer has already won multiple TONY and SAG awards. She won the Golden Globe Award previously for 1999’s Tumbleweeds where she also earned her first Academy Award nomination. She is a legend among her peers in theater.   She struck up a friendship with fellow Oscar nominee from Albert Nobbs Glenn Close while working together on television’s Damages.  

Ms. Fabulous founder Mariana Leung was lucky enough to catch the Oscar nominee in between gown fittings to chat about dressing for the red carpet and her favorite designers: 
MsFABulous: Your dynamic performance in Albert Nobbs has earned you an acting nomination for almost every award this season. How much effort do you put into the red carpet when there are so many events to attend?
Janet McTeer: I put as much effort as I have time ! With the Golden Globes I literally had 2 days to find something and that was pretty stressful , with a little more lead time for the Oscars I have had a dress made for me.

MsF: What will you be doing to prepare your look for the Academy Awards ?

JM: Again as much as I have time for! I'm currently filming damages so I'm working right up until I fly to LA but I'll manage to squeeze in a manicure I'm sure

MsF: What qualities do you look for in a dress when you choose a look for an event?

JM: Depending on the event and the time of the event. I do believe less is more so I look for elegance and clean lines. I'm curvy so a tapered, not too fussy line suits me. If it’s a fun party I'll add a bit more funk and I never underestimate the power of a good d├ęcolletage !

MsF: Whose opinion do you trust when trying on red carpet options?

JM: Mine and my husband's.

MsF: Are there any fashion designers that you return to for special occasions?

JM: I love Marc Jacobs , David Meister for the red carpet , Miu Miu , Jovani does good stuff for far less and do more sizes than a 2!  I could go on and on but these are who I've worn recently

MsF: Do you have an all-time favorite look that you have worn on the red carpet?

JM: Not yet !

MsF: How has the culture of dressing for the red carpet changed since your last Academy Award nomination?

JM: It hasn’t, it's just as glamorous just as swanky , just as stressful.

MsF: What dress, handbag, shoes and jewelry did you ultimately choose to wear to the Oscars?

JM: I'm wearing a dress by David Meister , jewels by Piaget and believe it or not but I haven't got shoes or a bag yet and they are 4 days away. Ridiculous I know!

MsF: Thank you and have a great time!

 Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

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