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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

LAKME FASHION WEEK: Jewelry by Eina Ahluwalia

One typically thinks of ethnic jewelry as traditional and well, ethnic. However, designer Eina Ahluwalia's modern, thoughtful take on ethnic jewelry was stunning as she presented her latest collections in Mumbai this week at Lakme Fashion Week. She smartly presented her bold, statement making pieces in a collection called “Containment".

Amphorae, jars, vases made of traditional terracotta and hand blown glass in over-sized pieces defined the collection. The intricate glass pieces were handmade by glass artist Srila Mukherjee with the juxtaposition of precious stones and sterling silver for the collection. The massive size of the pieces were shown perfectly on beautiful models wearing drapey outfits in saffron, black and nudes. Each piece that came out brought an elated response from Bollywood Fashionistas and Bombay elite.

Eina presented a second collection, “How I felt”. This was a tongue-in-cheek play on her ideas of wool and felt designs. Again, she partnered with fellow artist, Beatrice Woonders, and produced striking pieces using felt and fur with stones and silver. These were presented as massive brooches, modern takes on Victorian muffs and face framing scarves in colors like azure and whites.

For Eina, “jewelery,an autonomous object of art, when worn by a person, enters a new domain of relationship and definition” which is an apt description for her stunning works of art.

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