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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

FFAWNing over Blige and Malandrino's Collection

Fashion, like many other disciplines, require passion and creativity. It is no surprise then, that an accomplished musician and fashion designer would collaborate on a fabulous collection together.
Catherine Malandrino and Mary J. Blige presented the FFAWN collection Tuesday night to a room of notables from all walks of artistic life at the Museum of Modern Art. Fellow singer Estelle, celeb-chef Todd English, museum curator Thelma Goldin were all on hand to celebrate.

The clothes themselves were sexy and diva-worthy. The looks onstage were perfect to represent the Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now in inspiring young women succeed with confidence and skills. Proceeds from the benefit will help Bronx students on their way to college this year.

Photos By Steve Eichner

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