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Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Living Room on Design Sponge

When Studly Hubby and I first purchased our current apartment, it was an example of how filthy and neglected some people could be with their home.  The apartment had some broken wood piece hanging from the dining room ceiling.  I was told it belonged to a chandelier that had not been there for decades.  The mirrored cabinet housed about 50 disposed razor blades inside, (the long ones used during the Depression).  One closet actually contained a dusty piece of furniture that had an unopened piece of mail from 1973, (the previous owners only moved in thirteen years ago).

The former owners, two educators with a daughter and dog, apparently had no concern for health hazards around their child.  Truthfully, I was surprised when I met them… I really expected to meet the ghosts of “Grey Gardens” after seeing the chunks of hair taped to the doors, and the floor stain that looked like it was spat on, rather than properly applied.

These “classy” owners really made a great impression when they refused to get out of our way during a home inspection, bragged about how they finished the floors themselves, and gloated about the “windfall” we were giving them.  After this tidbit, we were trapped into having the listen to a long-winded description of a book he was writing. It sounded like a scholarly dissertation of some sort about a subject no one would find relevant in current times, let alone want to purchase. (I’m sure publishers are lining up for this!)  I guess this family needed every penny they could their hands on… so I saw myself as a philanthropist providing them with charity.

Despite the interior disgrace, Studly Hubby and I fell in love with the fairy-tale Tudor exteriors, the impeccably planted gardens and large, three-exposure layout.  With a reduction in price, we were able to gut the entire apartment and hopefully exorcise any unkempt ghosts still remaining.  (There is still one ghost left in the second bedroom… one that turns the lights on and off at inconvenient times).

After renovations, we were left with impeccable, but blank walls and little money.  I dug out some felt and scissors and proceeded to 'grow' a garden mural in the living room.

Design Sponge, one of my favorite design industry websites featured the project as part of their DIY series. The $3.00 project somehow made the rounds all over the internet on other design sites as well.

While I think of this mural as temporary, it still saves guests and me from looking at a bland void of sheetrock that would otherwise be there.

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