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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

SlowCoast Pop-Up Boutiques

I am currently enjoying a gorgeous road trip along the California Coast. I wasn't looking for a great shopping find, but I came across SLOWCOAST's Airstream boutique. I saw a few of their pop-up shops on my trip but this one was my favorite.

Like the farm to table, slow food movement, SLOWCOAST has a relaxed, artisanal approach to their collection. They offer their own collection of surf style-inspired clothing, handmade bath products, vintage farm shirts and edibles. 
The created a comfy seating area with hay bales and old blankets. The Airstream trailer smelled  beautiful from their natural spa line. A rustic fenced off area grew "slow food".

Slowcoast is committed to a sustainable, organic, hand crafted lifestyle. This also extends to their event planning. Couples who enjoy these qualities can work with the company for their own weddings. They also have a service to put together gift boxes for corporate programs as an alternative to the typical gifting programs.

Their business benefits several causes. They believe in saving turtles, preserving the ocean, forests and giving back to the community. You can purchase Slowcoast's Causebar products to benefit a specific cause.

If you find yourself surfing, exploring or just browsing along a California beach, step into SLOWCOAST's serene world.


Patranila said...

I live for a homemade bath product! This store looks yummy. I want all those plaid shirts too.

The Get Fit Diva said...

So cool! I love the vibe of Slowcoast--the type of retail experience you feel at ease throughout the entire experience. Thanks for putting this on my radar!

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