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Friday, March 8, 2013

Reem Acra Fall 2013

The major award shows are over, but I can't get enough of red carpet gowns.  Reem Acra did not disappoint with their NY Fashion Week showstoppers.  There were the big, tulle, hand beaded gowns that everyone oohed and ahhed over, but that was actually towards the end.

The surprising stars of the show were the edgier, more street-savvy sexy leather and fur looks towards the beginning.  Their program stated that the influences for Fall 2013 were inspired by travels to Japan.  Unlike, most designers who cite the Far East nation as a muse, there were no stereotypical kimonos or Geisha looks.

This Japan was a modern, cosmopolitan one.  Reem Acra specifically looked to photos of artist Daido Moriyama (see left).  This was reflected in the dramatic palette of black, white, and strokes of red. Globe-trotting women with swagger, style and owned the night.  Leather, fur, body hugging silhouttes were striking and not what I had come to expect from this label.  Gotta say... I loved it!

See the full collection here:

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