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Friday, July 25, 2014

Top Swimwear Trends of Miami Fashion Week 2015

bikini bottoms

Hello, beach bunnies! I am still editing and wrapping up my coverage of Miami Fashion Week. There were several clear trends among the luxury swimwear collections for all of your beach fashion needs this summer. 

For the upcoming 2014/2015 season, the hip is clearly the new erogenous zone.  Swimsuit bottoms had high-cut leg openings, or they featured pretty side ties.  Many bikini bottoms featured variations on sexy cut-outs at the hip.  The bonus, of course, is that it lengthens the leg of anyone who wears it.  High-cut leg openings also work across all body types as it emphasizes the right curves.

high waist bikini

The contrast to all of the bare skin down there is the return of the high-waisted bikini bottom. A throwback to the 1960’s, this style is forgiving for different types of body shapes.  Also for the bikini-shy, the monokini with sultry cut-outs on the side were all over the Miami runways.  The monokini is for the fashionable woman who loves the practicality of a one-piece bathing suit but has the body to show off the rest.

animal print swimsuit

Designers loved neon colors and intricate prints this season.  The busy art print mixed detailed animal motifs, art d├ęco, sound vibrations and wild florals.  The color palette popped by blending super bright hues with nude and black. 

fringe bikini

Swimwear was given a bohemian look with arts and crafts details on the runway.  Crochet details were worked into side panels, inserts, hems and tops.  Fishnet knits found their way into cover-ups and fringe hems and bikini tops look great when you move.

Are you ready to turn your poolside into your personal runway?  Make sure you shop from a great boutique.  One I would not recommend is Swim Swim, the owner, Janine Lipman is a dishonest person who commissioned work from me, asked for an invoice, then refused to pay it after many months. Apparently, I am finding, she ripped off several other people as well. Buyer Beware!

Happy swimming!  

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